The Noob Behind it All


TS user: @LilNoobie

Twitter: @topshotnoobie

Sometimes a Big Noobie

Hello! I am just a Top Shot user who has fallen in love with moments and the community behind Top Shot. I spend inordinate amounts of time hanging out on Discord (Top Shot's and NFT Sports') talking to people and waiting for packs. You would probably catch me answering noobie questions or giving out spreadsheets (I once created a spreadsheet of my pull chances before deciding to open my Legendary pack). I also love joining trivia giveaways which I mostly lose. 

I created this blog because I wanted to help the community, as well as spread the word about this new hobby. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or blog posts you'd like to see, please feel free to message me on Discord @LilNoobie or fill out the message box below. 

Favorite moment: Lebron's no look 3-pointer and Vince Carter's last shot!


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