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Free Tool: Spreadsheet to Inventory Your Moments

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

I am an Excel nerd and have the need to track anything and everything in my life. So, I happily made a spreadsheet to track all my moments. Although there are a lot of tracking tools available, I wanted one that would track how much I bought a moment for, how much I sold it, and how much my gains or losses (both realized and unrealized) currently are.

I also wanted to make sure I'm tracking how much I'm actually putting so I know I'm not spending more than I wanted.

In the spreadsheet, I update the 'Market Low' column at various times to keep track of how much my moments are worth in the marketplace. Copy+pasting my account valuation from intangible.market into one of the tabs and index matching (or vlookup-ing) from there has really helped make this process faster.

If you would like to start tracking your moments, you can download my template here. Questions? Suggestions? Improvement Requests? Leave it in the comments below!

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