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Moment Updates: CCs to LEs

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Top Shot just emailed an announcement yesterday that some CC moments (usually those at 15000+ circulation count) are turning LE (Limited Edition, usually 12000) on Thursday, February 18. This is usually a good thing for collectors. Limiting a moment puts a hard stop on its circulation count which in turn makes the moment more valuable.

Here's a note from NBA Top Shot's Blog on CC moments:

Any common Moment that you see with the "CC" designation below its thumbnail means that we will likely continue to mint more of the Moment.

CCs turning into LEs has already happened once within the last month when 25 common moments became LE (list below). Moments affected which were already on the marketplace at a low price immediately got bought as announcements were not made prior, and owners did not have a chance to have their pricing reflect the change. Some users have been vocal about their disappointment on the lack of notice, and it looks like Top Shot listened with this new announcement.

Since becoming LE seemed to double the price of common moments, a lot of collectors/investors thought a good strategy would be to collect high CC common moments and wait for them to become limited, but Top Shot has this to say:

Please be aware, it's fairly uncommon for us to retire a Moment (i.e. convert it from "CC" to "LE"), so it's not a wise investment strategy to rely on it happening.

CC moments that last turned into LE moments:

We are still awaiting an announcement on which common moments will turn LE today, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, don't forget to remove all your common moments from the marketplace in case they become LE and become more profitable to sell.

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