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NBA Top Shot Fan Art Contest Winners

My Facebook Filipino Top Shot community (which I love so dearly) recently held a Top Shot themed art contest, with prizes coming from the admins' own collections. I wanted to create this blog post to share with everyone the amazing art that folks from the community have created. Here are the Top 6 winners, with the first 5 in a 5-way tie, and the last one as the champion:


Artist: Cesar Ambalada

For all Jordan fans out there.


Artist: Franz Oliver Casaclang

A collage of two of our favorites -- stars and packs.


Artist: Terry Signo

The King and that popping background music.


Artist: Sandoy Manalastas

Plays and legends coming to life when you open a pack -- LeBron, Zion, and Luka.


Artist: Franz Clarence Casaclang

We've all felt like this at one point in our Top Shot journey. What makes this even more special are the details, like the displayed moments under the phone, and the clock that says 4am as the sun is just about to come up (which is usually the time in the Philippines when pack drops happen).

and the oh-so-well-deserved grand prize:


Artist: Ramon Lopez

I just can't stop playing it. So good. Well done.

Thank you to the admins (Marvin, JC, Yang, Joseph, and Lucky) for creating such a great community, and to the artists for sharing your talents to the world.

Which one's your favorite? Holler at Twitter @topshotnoobie.

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