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NBA Top Shot Weekly Summary (Week of 3/1/21)

Winding down this crazy pack-filled week with some NBA All Star in the background, and of course, a recap of this week's happenings.

A little straggler from last week:

February 28, 2021 (Sunday)

  • Qualified CryptoKitty owners started receiving their free Karl-Anthony Towns moments needed to complete the Cool Cats Master Challenge. Each KAT pack contained three Cool Cats KATs (that was fun to say). A total of 14,214 KATs have been minted.

March 1, 2021 (Monday)

  • After a short delay between receiving the KAT packs and being able to list the moments, KATs have hit the market, starting high around ~$700 and ending the day at around ~$500. It has since gone down significantly, with $136 as its current floor price, even with 45% of the moment still in packs. Source: evaluate.market

March 2, 2021 (Tuesday)

  • The Gift challenge has concluded with around 3,484 users successfully completing it. Shortly after the challenge ended (and as expected), prices of The Gift moments have markedly gone down. The Derrick Rose rewards were distributed the same day (current reward floor price: $320).

Source: evaluate.market
  • Cool Cats challenge has also concluded with around 7,098 users successfully completing it. The Anthony Davis rewards, which are needed to complete the Cool Cats Master Challenge, were distributed the same day (current reward floor price: $533).

March 3, 2021 (Wednesday)

  • The NBA revealed the 2021 Rising Stars Roster on the NBA Top Shot website. The roster included 10 first- and second-year players from the US, and 10 first-and second-year players from the rest of the world. The Rising Stars pack drop (which contains moments from these players) was announced for March 7th.

  • For the first time, the NBA tweeted about Top Shot.

  • New edition sizes and tiers were announced. The new ranges now are 10,000+ for Commons, 500-4999 for Rares, and 50-499 for Legendaries, with some exceptions. Read more in the NBA Top Shot blog.

March 4, 2021 (Thursday)

  • A new Seeing Stars set was announced, featuring 26 Series 2 moments from 2020-21 All Stars' regular season games. The set comes with two new challenges which lead to either a LeBron James or a Kevin Durant reward. The pack cost $14 and has 3 moments per pack, with one of the moments being a Seeing Stars moment.

  • For the first time, NBA Top Shot experimented with staggered drops, offering 3 drop times of the Seeing Stars pack: March 4th at 5 PM PST, March 5th at 9 AM PST, and March 6th at 5 PM PST. Each user was only allowed to purchase 1 pack. Users who have already purchased a pack from one of the drops were turned away when joining the queue.

  • The 5 PM PST March 4th drop for Seeing Stars was postponed due to a bug.

March 5, 2021 (Friday)

  • The first and second Seeing Stars drop happened at 9 am PST and 5 pm PST, respectively. The packs contained the first moments out that are /35000+ CC.

  • The first Seeing Stars challenge went live on the NBA Top Shot website.

March 6, 2021 (Saturday)

  • The final Seeing Stars drop happened at 10 AM PST.

  • Some Rising Stars pack details were made available. Each Rising Star moment will have a /2021 LE circulation count, and was set to drop at 2 PM PST on Sunday, March 7th. The packs are $199 and will contain 7 moments (1 x Rising Star, 1 x Seeing Star, and 5 Base Set moments).

  • NBA Top Shot, for the first time, has implemented some limits on who qualifies for the Rising Stars pack drop. Only those with at least 1 moment in their collection at the time of the drop were eligible. To empower this effort, gifting was made unavailable from the time of the announcement until the drop finish. These new requirements were made to help curtail bots and to reward collectors.

  • Due to issues, the marketplace was shut down overnight, from 7 PM PST to 8 AM PST on March 7th.

  • Pre-order status update emails were sent out. The pre-ordered base packs will be delivered by end of day March 14 (Sunday). The email contained an ominous warning to multiple accounters:

March 7, 2021 (Sunday)

  • The Rising Stars drop happened as expected at 2 PM PST, with 32,740 packs available. (I went 0 for 3 on Seeing Stars, but I got this one!)

  • The marketplace and gifting was placed under maintenance. Both are expected to be back the next day, March 8th.

  • The first Rising Stars challenge went live on the website.

A lot of new things hit this week -- new rules, new packs, and new edition sizes. As the shiny new moments flooded the marketplace, prices for old ones continued to plummet. Even the Master Challenge bottleneck Luka Dončić moment was not spared, falling from a high of around ~$10,000 to its current floor price of $4,950. It is definitely interesting seeing the trend and behavior of users during these times. I am stoked to see how next week changes things.

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