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NBA Top Shot Weekly Summary (Week of 3/22/21)

Wow, what did not happen this week?

March 22, 2021 (Monday)

  • Top Shot dropped 60,000 Cool Cats Drop 3 packs to ~300,000 hopefuls in queue. There were no requirements to be eligible for the drop.

  • Cool Cats Challenge 3 went live. The moments required for a Nikola Jokić reward are the Cool Cats moments for Porziņģis, Sabonis, Dragić, Barrett, and SGA, and the /35000 moments for Capela, Dort, Nurkić, Poeltl, and Boucher. Challenge ends in ~7 days.

  • Roham tweeted about setting up a corporate venture fund for Dapper Labs. This is great news for anyone working on Top Shot projects!

March 23, 2021 (Tuesday)

  • Top Shot held impromptu office hours.

March 24, 2021 (Wednesday)

  • MomentRanks reported the highest (unofficial) sale on Top Shot, yet, for a LeBron James Series 1 Holo MMXX (20/32), bought by @bigdogbrothers.

  • Top Shot revealed a teaser of the badges. View the short clip here.

  • Thanks to @veerman, CryptoSlam has updated their number of all-time buyers for Top Shot from ~80,000 to ~212,000.

March 25, 2021 (Thursday)

  • All-Star Game Challenge 1 ended with ~460 completions for the Giannis reward. Current lowest ask for this reward is $1,224 with 102 listings.

  • All-Star Game Challenge 2 went live. The moments required for the Damian Lillard reward includes the All-Star Game moments for Harden, LaVine, Luka, Jokić, Curry, Sabonis, PG, Williamson, Randle, and Conley. Challenge ends in ~7 days

  • Some users with support tickets that have been sitting in queue for "longer than they should have" received dapper credits ranging from $100-$500. Top Shot said that these users have legitimate issues, and that the credits given (totaling $600,000) will be a one-time support initiative.

  • Top Shot released a new feature where you can now see the whole sales history of moments from the moments page. I may or may not have been too happy about this news.

March 26, 2021 (Friday)

  • Some users who had pack drop issues received a pack as a gift from Top Shot. This extends to users who were not able to snag a pack when they should have, regardless if they have filed a support ticket or not.

  • Badges finally came out! You can now see badges in the marketplace and in the moment's page. Just as important, you can now use a search filter for badges. You can read more about badges here.

March 27, 2021 (Saturday)

  • Top Shot released additional info on withdrawals on their blog. Read more here. On the withdrawal note, as of March 26, 28,041 users have had access to withdrawals.

  • Top Shot released a new blog on challenges. Read more here.

March 28, 2021 (Sunday)

  • Pretty quiet day, so let me take this time to remind you that a lot of challenges are ending next week: MGLE 20, Seeing Stars Challenge 1, Rising Stars Challenge 1, All-Star Game Challenge 2, and Welcome to the All-Star Family Challenge.

  • I posted a Youtube video about my 3 advice for anyone looking into Top Shot! Also doing a Kawhi S2 /7500 giveaway, so be sure to check it out!

Before you go, here's some market info:

As of March 28, at 9:17pm, NBA Top Shot still leads the Crypto Collectible Market with $44.9M in sales--11.52% decrease from last week's--with over 61,000 buyers and over 330,000 transactions. Data from cryptoslam.io.

...and a content spotlight:

During these times, do you ever wonder what the whales are doing? @_GregMurray created this cool graphic just for that. View the full size version here.

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