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NBA Top Shot Weekly Summary (Week of 5/24/21)

It's the Playoffs! Hope everyone's enjoying their Memorial Day weekend and taking a wee break from the internet. Let's recap the week:

May 24, 2021 (Monday)

  • Throwdowns Series 2 Challenge 3 went live for a Hamidou Diallo Moment. Moments required for this challenge include the Throwdown Moments for Bazley, Boucher, Davis, Harrell, Reddish, Williams III, KAT, Wiseman, and Zion. Cost of the challenge as of May 24th is $708.

May 25, 2021 (Tuesday)

  • Top Shot distributed the $16 credits for the "Thank You Fans" promo for those who had at least 3 Moments in their collections and successfully submitted their Twitter post.

  • MGLE Challenge 29 went live for a Joel Embiid reward. Moments required for this challenge include the MGLE Moments for Brogdon, Beverley, Gordon, Walker IV, Hayward, Conley, Okoro, Brown, and Wiseman. Cost of the challenge as of May 28th is $1,449.

  • Roham joined the Top Shot Discord channel #courtside-chat. See a recap of questions and his answers to them here, compiled by @ElDumboTS.

  • Top Shot announced the end of the Cool Cats Saga with the Master Challenge for a Lamelo Ball reward going live. View all 29 moments needed for the challenge here. Huge respect to the ~2,000 Cool Cats holders. If you are one of these brave souls, claim your set's hidden utility of being able to join this discord by @PlungeFather. They won't let me in.

May 26, 2021 (Wednesday)

  • Top Shot dropped a huge May update blog post. Some notable stuff: Series 2 is coming to a close after a few more drops, common-tier Playoff packs are coming next week by reservation only (starting June 2nd), and only new collectors can purchase the non-Playoffs base set packs.

  • Wire transfer default tier is now $10k! What a huge increase from the $3k. USDC transfer limits have also increased from $1k to $2.5k.

May 27, 2021 (Thursday)

  • I went on the The First Mint Live for the first time! Had a lot of fun answering rapid fire questions and hanging with the guys. Missed it? Catch the replay below.

May 28, 2021 (Friday)

Before you go, here's some market info:

As of May 31, at 5:24pm, NBA Top Shot has takes to the first spot in Crypto Collectible sales volumes, making $5.8M in sales--a 19.11% decrease from last week's--with over 27,000 buyers and 196,000 transactions. Top Shot is followed by last week by CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. We see you. BAYC! Data from cryptoslam.io.

...and a content spotlight:

When I asked my Twitter followers last week whether they will be queuing for the Holo Icon pack, the responses were split in half. Whether you're buying, not buying, or are yet to decide, this very informational breakdown of all the Holo Icon Moments by @BlockchainSteve is a great watch.

Until next week! Holler on Twitter @topshotnoobie.

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