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When Packs? Packs & Drops FAQs

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

You are not an official NBA Top Shots Discord user until you've asked or answered the question, "When Packs?" So here's a FAQ post on all things packs and drops related to save us all the trouble.

1. What are packs and what kinds of packs are there?

Packs are digital containers that hold Moments. For simplicity, we can categorize packs into two: base packs and featured packs.

Base packs contain 3 common Moments and are meant to be accessible at all times.

Featured packs are anything that's not considered base. These packs are not meant to be available all the time. The number of Moments in these packs depend on what the pack is. You can usually see this, as well as other information about the contents of the pack, on the pack listing on the website before buying.

2. How much are packs?

So far, base packs have been a good value at $9 each.

Featured packs, however, are priced differently, depending on the contents of the pack, and are subject to change.

For example, the latest legendary pack released on January 26 were $999 and contained 10 Moments: 1 legendary (circulation count: 99), 3 Metallic Gold Limited Editions (circulation count: 499), and 6 common Moments. Prior to that, the last legendary release was for $230.

There are also featured packs that don't break the bank too much, such as the Cool Cats pack, which cost $14 for 5 Moments, with 1 limited edition Cool Cat Moment.

3. What are drops? What is a release?

A drop is when Top Shot releases featured packs for purchase.

A release is when Top Shot releases bases packs for purchase. Due to the sudden influx of users, demand for packs far outperformed supply for them. For this reason, even though base packs are supposed to be available all the time, they are usually sold out. Currently, collectors always have to look out for release announcements to purchase any kind of pack.

4. When do base pack releases and featured pack drops happen?

Base pack releases happen randomly. There is usually no advance notice that base packs are releasing. The reason for this is because base packs are not meant to be "dropped," because again, they are always meant to be available.

Featured packs are announced (emailed, advertised, and all that) at least 8 hours in advance of a drop.

5. What's a stress test?

A stress test is when Top Shot is testing out the stress levels of its user base. Jk -- it is when Top Shot is testing its infrastructure, or a new system or process. Top Shot does this by releasing packs, usually base packs, to stress testers. Here, stress testers mean anyone who'd like to participate by trying to purchase a pack. There is no need to sign up to be a stress tester. If you want to be stressed, you're in! As with all releases of base packs, stress tests are not officially announced and always happen randomly. Tip: if you'd like to know when stress tests happen, check out #announcements channel on Discord.

6. What is a queue?

Top Shot is experimenting with different ways to disperse packs. One of these ways is via a queue system. When packs are released, collectors can join the drop and get sent to a waiting room where they await a place in line that is randomly assigned. The waiting room is available shortly before a pack goes live, usually around 30 minutes ahead of time. Once it's your turn, you can purchase the pack as usual. Read more about the queue from NBA Top Shot's blog here.

7. Are all packs going to be released via queue?

I do not know for sure and Top Shot has said multiple times that they are open to different ways, but it seems to be the way it will be going for featured packs. Although the queue system is being tested with the release of base packs, base packs are not expected to be released via the queue system, because (again) they should be available to buy on the website at any time.

8. TL;DR?

Base pack releases are random and unannounced. Featured packs are announced at least 8 hours prior to drop. No one knows when packs are dropping outside of these times.

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