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Quick Rundown on the Seeing Stars Pack Drop

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

NBA Top Shot had a huge surprise waiting for Top Shooters (hello, Ryan) early Thursday morning when they announced the Seeing Stars drop. Here's a quick rundown and some FAQs as I know a lot of new users are queueing for the first time.

Quick Facts:

The Seeing Stars pack will contain 3 moments. One of which will be a Seeing Stars moment from everyone's favorite players. The other 2, I'm assuming, would be commons. The list of these moments (screen captured below) can be found in TopShotExplorer here.

The cost of the pack is $14.

There will be three drops:

  • 3/4/21 (Thursday) at 5pm PST

  • 3/5/21 (Friday) at 9am PST

  • 3/5/21 (Friday) at 5pm PST

Each user can only get one pack over the course of all three drops. This means that even if you queue three times, you can only purchase one.

Answers to some questions I've been seeing on Discord:

Please note that this is the first time Top Shot is doing staggered drops, so all my answers are based on the assumption that the prevailing process for queueing persists.

How do I choose which time to purchase? How do I join the queue?

There is no need to "officially" choose a drop time. During the drop time of your choice, log in to NBA Top Shot, click on the Seeing Stars pack which should be available by then, and click 'Join Drop.' I'd recommend logging in at least 15 minutes prior to the drop time to queue.

How come I can't see the pack on the website?

TS usually "loads" the pack during maintenance before the drop. It should appear later today.

Am I guaranteed to get one when I queue?

I would assume not. If your queue number (which is randomly given) is greater than the number of packs available for that drop time, you will not get one. You will need to join a drop at another time.

Are the Seeing Stars moments limited?

Yes, they have been retired at 10000 LE. This means that there are a total of 10,000 moments for each Seeing Star player minted.

Am I guaranteed to get one pack during the three drops?

There's a total of around 180,000 packs and over 400,000 users. Probably not.

How many packs can I get?

One. If you get one, you can't get another one, no matter how many times you queue.

Can I buy with PayPal or just crypto?

You cannot buy with PayPal. You can buy with crypto, although this isn't usually recommended as it takes time. You can purchase with a credit card.

Should I add funds to my Dapper account? Will that make things go faster?

No and no. I would advise using a credit card instead. Loading funds into your account locks it there until you are able to withdraw (which at the current timeline, is weeks). Purchasing with a credit card usually takes the same time as purchasing with Dapper balance.

I'll be adding more questions as I get them. Shoot me yours in the comments below or on Twitter @topshotnoobie.

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Update (3/4/21, 5:09pm): Drop dates have been postponed, TBA.

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