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Seeing Stars Clearly: Challenges Explained

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Apologies for the cheesy title.

I've been seeing a lot of questions still about the Seeing Stars challenges so I wanted to write a short post that will hopefully answer some of them.

The new Seeing Stars packs dropped on March 5th and 6th in 183,258 packs. The set contains 26 Moments. 24 out of the 26 Moments each have a total limited circulation count of 10,000. This means that only 10,000 of these Moments will ever be produced. The other two Moments, a Lebron James and a Kevin Durant Seeing Stars Moment, have not been minted, as they will be the rewards for completing the Seeing Stars challenges.

How many challenges are there?

There will be two Seeing Stars challenges. One of the challenges, the one with the Kevin Durant reward, is already live. In order to complete this challenge, collectors need 12 out of the 24 Moments that are out. These include the Seeing Stars moments for Harden, Irving, Tatum, LaVine, Kawhi, Zion, Randle, Vučević, Embiid, Booker, Mitchell, and Beal.

There is a second challenge for a Lebron James reward, and this much is confirmed.

As the first 12 Seeing Stars Moments are being used for the KD reward, it only makes sense (and it follows from the history of past challenges) that the remaining 12 will be used for the Lebron reward. The 12 remaining are the Seeing Stars Moments for Brown, Jokić, Lillard, Dončić, Simmons, Sabonis, PG, CP3, Giannis, Curry, AD, and Gobert. (Note: AD being a part of the second challenge is a bit controversial as he was not part of Lebron's team during the All-Star games.)

When do the challenges start and end?

Seeing Stars Challenge 1 ends in ~19 days. Looking at the past challenges, Seeing Stars Challenge 2 should start shortly after the end of Challenge 1. There has not been a precedence of two challenges from the same set being live at the same time, so I do not foresee this happening now.

Do I need KD for LBJ?

I believe it is safe to assume that the KD reward will not be needed to complete the LBJ reward based purely on the fact that challenge rewards from a part of one set are not usually used to complete another challenge from the same set, especially if both parts of the set were dropped at the same time. For example, the Trae Young reward for Holo Icon Challenge 1 was not needed to complete Holo Icon Challenge 2. An exception for this would be Cool Cats, where a Master Challenge has been announced. But in the Cool Cats case, the set is also separated by different drops.

How much does it cost to complete the Seeing Stars challenges?

As of the morning of March 10 (and during marketplace maintenance), the total cost to complete Challenge 1 (at floor price) is $3,169, while the total cost to complete Challenge 2 is $3,846. The most cost-prohibitive moments at this time are Dončić at $799, Curry at $599, and Zion at $550.

Other Challenge FAQs

While we're here, here are some FAQs about challenges:

1) Challenge rewards are usually received within a day or two after the challenge has ended.

2) You'd need to hold all your Moments until the challenge end (and if possible, until you receive your reward, for safety measure).

3) Challenge reward serial numbers are given at random. This might be one of the benefits of completing a challenge--you get entered into the Serial Number lotto.

4) You get to keep all the Moments you used for the challenge.


Yes, there will be an LBJ reward. It will probably be the other 12 moments not in the KD challenge. The LBJ challenge will probably be after the KD challenge. There is probably no need for the KD reward to complete the LBJ challenge. Note: probably.

UPDATE: A new Mike Conley Seeing Star Moment appeared. Not sure yet what this is for--but keeping an eye out for it!

UPDATE 2: The Mike Conley Seeing Star Moment is the reward for a new challenge. Find more info here. I still think this will not be a part of the LeBron challenge.

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