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Showcasing Showcases: What They Are, How to Make Them, and What My Favorite Ones Are So Far

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

A showcase is like a digital wall where you can hang all your favorite moments for your viewing pleasure. For each showcase you create, you can show up to 10 moments and drag and drop them to re-order. You can come back at any time to edit, share, or just play and admire your creation. Once created, you can choose to share it to the community and accumulate some likes.

Showcases are not only for display, they also have utility. Swyysh, a fantasy basketball league for NBA Top Shot Moments uses showcases as official entries. How it works: you choose five players for your team, put them all in a showcase, title them something with the word 'Swyysh', and drop the link in the Swyssh website. You can then watch your team score and see where you are in the leaderboard throughout the week. Do well enough and you get a shot at winning Top Shot packs and moments.

If you are not convinced yet that showcases are fun, here's one more reason to learn how to make them. In the blog post, All Everything Cool Cats, Top Shot announces that one of the Cool Cats moments needed for the Master Challenge will be a reward for a Showcase contest.

The same blog post talks more about this upcoming showcase contest:

So, whether you're doing it for fun or preparing to flex your showcase skills for the Cool Cats reward, here's a step-by-step guide on how to make one:

1) On the Top Shot website, click on Collection, then My Showcases.

2) Here, you'll see showcases that you have so far. Click on Create A Showcase to make a new one.

3) Click on the green arrows next to moments you'd like to add to your showcase. You can add 1-10 moments for each showcase. Choose a title.

4) If you'd like to remove a moment, click on the red arrow next to the moment. When you're happy, click Save.

5) You now have a showcase! At any time, you can choose to edit the showcase, copy the link of the showcase for sharing, or watch all the moments in the showcase. If you press like on your own showcase, it will be featured in the Community Showcase page where everyone can view and like it.

Finally, now that you know how to make your own showcase, I thought I'd inspire you with some of my favorite showcases from the community:

1) Kids College Fund by KobeSystem

At one point, this showcase was actually worth around $50k.

2) Sequential and Spectular by WookieCookies

Where all the moments have sequential serial numbers!

3) Kendal Jenner by Damon

This Kendall Jenner showcase that IYKYK.

Hope you learned something from this blog and enjoyed it! Link me your showcases below or on Twitter and I'll be sure to like them. Catch you later!

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