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Step-by-Step Guide To Get The $16 Dapper Credit for the NBA Top Shot Thank You Fans Promo

On May 22, NBA Top Shot launched a promotion that allows current collectors to receive $16 in Dapper credits.

Here are the instructions on how to join:

If you're still confused on what to do, here's a detailed breakdown:

1) You need to have a Top Shot account AND own at least 3 moments as of May 22 at 9am PDT.

You cannot create a new account now and do this promo BUT if you do not have an account yet, you can create a new account and get $50 back if you purchase a Moment in the marketplace by Saturday, May 29 at 11:59pm PDT.

2) Quote Tweet your favorite PLAYOFF GAME highlight before the final buzzer of games this weekend.

The highlight needs to be from this weekend's games, so only highlights from the playoff games count. Play-in games do not count. The highlight can be from any account in Twitter. See @ElDumbo's clarification below:

3) Hashtag your Quote Tweet with #NBATopShotThis.

When you Quote Tweet, you are able to add text. Add this hashtag.

4) Enter the link to your Quote Tweet on this link and click "Claim Gift."

Copy the URL of your Quote Tweet and paste it into the site.

Here's a step-by-step on how I did mine:

1) I went to @NBA on Twitter and found an awesome highlight from the Heat vs Bucks playoffs game.

2. I clicked on the Retweet button.

3. I chose 'Quote Tweet.'

4. I typed the hashtag #NBATopShotThis on my tweet and pressed Tweet.

5. I went to my profile, clicked on my new tweet, and clicked on the share arrow. (You can skip this step by just copying the URL of the page you're on after clicking your tweet).

6. Then I clicked on "Copy link to Tweet".

7. I went to this website and pasted the URL/link to my tweet and pressed 'Claim Gift.' I clicked on Do Identity Check, but since I have completed my KYC, there were no further steps to do.


If you have submitted a Quote Tweet link before the Discord announcement that it needs to be from the playoffs, don't worry! It should still get accepted.

Hope this guide helped. Have fun watching the playoffs, and good luck to your teams! (Go Lakers!)


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