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The Great Limiting of Series 2 -- What Just Happened?! + A Spreadsheet of All S2 Base Moments

Yesterday, NBA Top Shot came out with a hefty blog post announcing the retirement of Base Set Series 2 common moments, which did not at all turn out to be what most of us were expecting. On February 17, Top Shot emailed an announcement that they will be "switching certain CC moments to LE." This switch got delayed after the marketplace was down for almost a full day due to site issues from unprecedented demand. On February 18, NBA Top Shot teased this cryptic tweet:

At first glance, this did not seem like it meant something we didn't already know. But it did, and it changed everything.

What we expected:

We expected certain CC moments to become LE, just like how it happened before.

What happened:

All CC moments became LE; effectively making all of NBA Top Shot moments currently in circulation limited.

The reason:

"To make room for new plays from rookies, fan favorites and others who haven’t yet made it to NBA Top Shot." Source

Retire*mint* Breakdown:

Here's the breakdown of the 135 Series 2 Base Set plays and their status/changes:

  • 83 total moments retired at /15000 LE

  • 25 moments receiving a "first appearance on NBA Top Shot" badge retired at /12000 LE

  • 15 rookie moments that will get three badges retired at /4000 LE (more info on Rookie badges here; for a full list of who might get the badges and how many, check out @KennyGRunsGood's spreadsheet here)

  • 10 moments retired at /7500 LE

  • 2 moments -- Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen retired at /5000 LE

Upcoming new moments

154 new plays which includes:

  • 13 new "Three Star Rookies" minted at /4000 LE

  • 24 additional non-"Three Star Rookies" minted at /12000 LE

  • 117 plays minted at /25000+ CC

That is a lot of numbers. So I made a spreadsheet of all Series 2 Base Set Moments according to their circulation counts and lowest ask here to give you an idea of what has changed.

This change is great news for collectors; prices of common moments have risen significantly since the announcement. Most notably, the LeBron James 3-pointer is now at $799, from ~$70 a couple of days ago, and ~$500 before the announcement.

I'm definitely excited for what the next base packs bring!

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