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Two tools to view your (or anyone's) NBA Top Shot account value: Evaluate.Market & Intangible.Market

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Two of my favorite NBA Top Shot Data tools are Evaluate.Market and Intangible.Market. You can view your (or anyone's) account value on both as long as you have the NBA Top Shot username. Here's a short summary and thoughts on both platforms.


Evaluate.Market is a great tool that is jam-packed with features. In the 'Account Value' page, you can view your moments and their market prices, as well as your total account valuation. The newly added 'analyze' button takes you to that particular moment's data page which we'll talk about next.

In the 'Moments' page, you can view a particular moment's data including how many unique owners currently hold the moment, how many are in packs, and how many are minted but not in packs. This information is invaluable in determining scarcity and value that is otherwise not found easily on the Top Shot website.

In the same page, you can view the graphs of Average Sale Price Trend and Volume Trend for each moment which is very useful in looking at historical price points and can help with predicting trajectory or with making purchasing or selling decisions. Hovering over a dot in the Average Sale Price graph shows exactly which serial number was sold and at what price point.

Recently, Evaluate.Market came out with a new feature called Market Movers which shows the average floor price and percentage of price change of moments. This page provides a great way to view how moments are moving in the market (in either direction) and by how much.

Evaluate.Market also has a homepage dashboard that shows the Top Shot Market Snapshot (Total Sales) and Volume data (# of Sales) daily, both of which provide an idea of the current health and state of the Top Shot ecosystem.

My favorite part: the clean and simple user interface, informative and accessible data, and awesome charts and graphs. Evaluate.Market is definitely my go-to tool for everything.

Cadence: Collection updates may take a few hours. Prices update every few minutes.


Intangible.Market is the first tool I've fallen in love with when starting Top Shot. It was a no-fuss website that shows you exactly what you need in just a few clicks.

In Intangible.Market, you can view your collection valuation, as well as the average sale price and lowest market ask of your moments.

My favorite part: It displays all your moments in one page, and it is easy to copy+paste the data into a spreadsheet for tracking. This is the tool I use to update my Moments Tracker Spreadsheet, and it makes that process quick and easy.

Cadence: Collection updates once every 24 hours. Prices update once every hour.

Overall, you can do no wrong using any of these tools. Evaluate.Market provides updated information more frequently and have a lot more features, but if you're doing a quick and dirty search or are copying data, Intangible.Market is the place to go.

Btw, you can find the links to these websites and other tools on my homepage. Bookmark for quick access!

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