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What is the NBA Top Shot Cool Cats Challenge?

As the second of the four Cool Cats challenges is coming to an end and the third is on its way, I thought it would be a great time to write about what it actually is, especially for those who weren't here to witness the first.

What is a challenge?

NBA Top Shot hosts challenges where users have to collect all moments in the challenge in order to receive the challenge reward moment. These reward moments are never to be sold in packs. You can see all the live challenges here.

What is a Cool Cats challenge?

One of the challenges is called the Cool Cats challenge, and this challenge is a bit unique, as it is not just one challenge, but four different challenges that build up to what is called the Master Challenge. What does that mean?

Some challenges are one-time challenges. For example, The Gift. When completing 'The Gift' challenge, you only need to collect all 5 'The Gift' moments to receive your Derrick Rose reward. After receiving the reward, you can sell the moments you used for that challenge, as there is no more need for them in future challenges.

However, the Cool Cats challenge is a series of four challenges that culminates to the 'Master' challenge. In order to do the 'Master' challenge, you'd have to hold on to all your Cool Cats moments AND the rewards for each Cool Cats challenge.

What does each Cool Cats challenge consist of?

Each Cool Cats challenge, so far, needed 5 Cool Cats moments, and 5 base moments. You can only get the Cool Cats moments from either a Cool Cats pack, or from the marketplace. You can get the base moments from base packs, or from the marketplace. Moments needed for each Cool Cats challenge is announced by Top Shot at the beginning of each challenge.

The reward for each Cool Cats challenge is another Cool Cats moment that is never-to-be-sold in packs (meaning, if you did not complete the previous challenge, you can only purchase them from the marketplace from people who did).

Top Shot has said that there may be a Cool Cats challenge that only require Base Set moments. We'll see how this one plays out.

What is a Cool Cats pack and how do I get one?

The Cool Cats pack is a special pack that consists of 1 Cool Cats moment and 4 base moments. These have historically been $14. These packs usually are distributed one per person. This means that if you are lucky to get one, you'll have 1 out of 5 Cool Cats needed for the challenge. You will need to buy the other 4 from the marketplace.

Top Shot announces drops for Cool Cats packs. Watch out for any announcements on their blog or on Discord how the next one will be distributed.

What is the 'Master' challenge?

The 'Master' challenge is the final challenge in the Cool Cats saga. The reward for it is a coveted LaMelo Ball moment. In order to complete the master challenge, you'd need the following:

  • All five Cool Cats moments from each of the four Cool Cats challenges = 20 Cool Cats

  • All four challenge rewards from the four Cool Cats challenges = 4 Cool Cats

  • One Karl-Anthony Towns (KAT) moment that were given to CryptoKitty owners and can now be purchased in the marketplace = 1 Cool Cat

  • One Special Edition moment reward for an upcoming Showcase Contest (not yet announced, but said to be coming soon)

  • Three Special Edition moments that we don't know anything about yet

That's a total of 29 moments needed for the challenge that you'd need to hold 'til the end.

Can I still complete the 'Master' challenge?

Each Cool Cats challenge on its own has its own challenge reward which makes it worth completing for some collectors.

The Master challenge is a bit harder to complete because of past challenge results (the Luka bottleneck) and because of what is still unknown.

The Luka Bottleneck

Only 3,464 people completed the first Cool Cats challenge, so only 3,464 Luka Dončić challenge rewards were minted. Since all Cool Cats rewards are needed for the master challenge, this means that there can only be a maximum of 3,464 people who can complete the 'Master' challenge. This has driven the price of the Dončić reward up, rising from ~$700s in its early days to ~$7500s today. Source: Evaluate.market

Top Shot has increased the mints for moments in each Cool Cats set to balance the demand for the packs and to make the challenges easier (read: less expensive) to complete. Each Cool Cats moment in the first challenge were minted at /5000. The Cool Cats moment in the second challenge were minted at /10000. The Cool Cats in the upcoming third challenge have been minted at /15000. Although more people can complete each individual Cool Cats challenge due to the higher mints, the 'Master' challenge completion will remain restricted by the number of the Dončić moments.

That is a lot of information, but I think that's most of the things you need to know about the Cool Cats Challenge. Still have questions? Talk to me! Comment below or holler on Twitter @topshotnoobie.

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