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What is the NBA Top Shot Pre-Order Base Pack?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Pre-ordered base packs were delivered to a couple hundred thousand NBA Top Shot users yesterday. For the newer folks who weren't here to witness the first pre-order, here's what happened.

On February 26, NBA Top Shot announced a pre-order of base packs via a blog post and an email sent to all users at the time. The pre-order happened on February 27 and used a queue system where collectors joined the drop and was given a random place in line for purchasing. Users were able to enter the queue from 10am PST to 2:30pm PST (personally, it took me three hours from the time of joining the drop to purchasing). Around 200,000 users ordered the pack which had a target delivery date of ~2 weeks.

On March 6th, Top Shot sent an update that the packs should be delivered by end of day Sunday, March 14th. Yesterday, March 13, Top Shot surprised users by delivering the packs a day earlier. The packs were dropped to the users' collections in a rolling basis which took around 2 hours to complete. The marketplace was closed during, and a while after, the drop of packs.

If you ordered a pack but do not know where to find it, you can find your pre-ordered pack by clicking on your Collection, and then Packs. (Insert subtle unopened packs flex)

This event is the first time that Top Shot did a pre-order for packs, and although the two-week wait might be a bit too long for us eager collectors, the drop went pretty smoothly, and did put packs in the hands of a lot of collectors, as well as provided a first pack for a lot of new users.

Each pre-order Base pack contained three base moments. All of the moments in the pack were brand new to Top Shot and included a mix of LEs and CCs, but with CCs being the vast majority; with around ~14,000 LEs and ~600,000 CCs (full list here). 5 moments of the 52 possible moments to get are part of the new Welcome to the All-Star Family Challenge: Oladipo, Adebayo, Towns, Derozan, and Siakam, which would command a bit of a premium in price compared to others in the pack. This challenge is actually the first all-base moments challenge to-date.

This release introduced 39 more 35,000+ CCs which the market is still trying to come to terms with. As of the next day after the drop, $4 and $5 moments abound, which is a blessing to long-time holders, but a bust for market players and flippers. This pack has so far had the least EV, which is to be expected with the higher circulation counts.

Top Shot has not announced plans for a next pre-order event, but if they do, the best way to find out would be to make sure to keep an eye on your emails, the official Top Shot blog, and the Discord server.

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