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NBA Top Shot: A Community Done Right

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

It's no secret that in the NFT world, communities can make or break a project. It has almost become an expectation that an NFT project should have an active discord server behind it, hence why my Discord has been in disarray since I've joined the metaverse. A lot of us came to NBA Top Shot for the Moments or the profits, but most of us have stayed for the friends. NBA Top Shot is not only about collecting, buying, or selling anymore. It has become a social outlet where people from around the world talk to one another everyday and form bonds, while exploring this new adventure seemingly away from real life.

Here are a few reasons why I think the Top Shop Community is the best (and also why Top Shot is likely to succeed long-term):

1. We spread the news even though it means we might lose

Every time there is a drop, you can expect everyone to tell everyone they know about it, despite this directly affecting their chances of getting packs. The community has collectively decided to look out for everyone, even if that means some of us will be left pack-less. It sucks when we don't get packs, but we wish everyone good luck anyway, and congratulate those who do.

2. We celebrate others' success

When people do get packs, we live vicariously through them. We are so interested in learning what they pull that we enjoy watching their pack openings. We shout in celebration with them for good Moments, and we say, "not a bad pack..." to make them feel better about Moments that are a little less desirable.

3. We share what we have

The Top Shot community's choice of social media is primarily Twitter. Everywhere you look, everyday, there are giveaways happening from popular accounts, from streamers, or even those who just want to give back. This also happens frequently in the Top Shot Discord, where people just randomly decide to give away moments for fun.

4. We help others outside of our community

Sharing good fortune does not stop with just people in the Top Shot community. Recently, some wonderful members of the Top Shot team helped organize a fundraiser event called Shots for Shots that aimed to help expand vaccine and PPE access to underrepresented communities in the US. The fundraiser was a success, having raised over $37,000 in 10 days.

5. We create and collaborate

There are a lot of people in the space who create content that benefits the community, whether that’s analysis (@topshotanalytix, @jonboybeats), data (@_GregMurray, @taylor_stein), articles (@TheFirstMint), streams (@StephSutto), or videos (jennifer_sutto) -- all for free. The ones I mentioned here are just some of my favorites; listing them all would most likely take this whole blog space, but you can search who I follow on Twitter here. There are also several collaborations that happen between the content creators, which is always exciting to see.

6. We celebrate tools

I remember when everyone used intangible.market, and that was all there was. Now, I'm drowning in tools (in a good way) which help me not only see my account value, but view trends, sales history, challenge prices, top sales, and even people with fast fingers. The creators of these platforms also make sure to listen to the community and develop features that benefit most. Some of my favorites are LiveToken, evaluate.market, and Own The Moment.

7. We guide those who need an assist

Top Shot's official Discord is now 270,000 members strong, with around 50,000 members online at any given time. In this Discord community, we are able to form bonds, whether that’s through discussing Moments, games, or just saying what's up in #general. We have referees, and although referees do get a fair amount of hate, the referees do a lot for the community behind the scenes. They advocate for everyone, they help as much as they can (or as much as their volunteer powers allow), and they keep the Discord clean. There are also Courtside members and Zone Defenders who go above and beyond to help members of the community and guide them to where they need to go. Most importantly, even without titles, some community members stay in the Discord to answer questions and keep it a pleasant place for all.

8. We interact with Dapper

I've not heard of a lot of companies who interface with their community as often as Dapper Labs does. With bi-weekly office hours, users are able to ask questions or express their opinions about events or roadmaps. Additionally, seeing Roham and other Dapper employees answering questions and hanging out in #general proves how important community is to the team.

9. We learn about NFTs together

Top Shot has been my gateway drug to other NFTs. It was such an easy entry point, and the people I met along the way have become my companions in exploring this space. We share interesting things we find on Twitter, we talk on Discord about new ventures, we ape on things we have no clue about, but in the end, we always have fun, and a wealth of stories to tell.

10. We become real friends

Even though most of us only have interacted online, I do consider a lot of you as my friends, and I know most feel the same way about those they interact with on a daily basis. I am forever grateful to those who are in this journey with me. I recently celebrated my birthday, and some of my friends, led by @StephSutto, just pulled together this amazing birthday bash and I felt so much love and support that feels unreal through a computer screen. I've received so many gifts and have been greeted so much, and the generosity is just so humbling. Bonus pic of the celebration (look at that cake!):

We came for the Moments or the profits, but now we ride with one another through the highs and the lows, the fun and the frustrations, the beta and what's after. I cannot wait to see everyone in person, someday soon. Thanks for being the best community there is.

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